Executive Committee

Aslam Sulaiman Sait 

Vice President
Imran Asif Sait

Raashid Usman Sait

Azeez Essack Sait
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Shiras Ismail

Immediate Past President
Sheraz Anwar
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Committee Members:-
Rafiq Usman Sait
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Fahad Sait
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Essa Gaffar   Mob: 9847437272

Nishad Ahmed
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Naseer Abdul Latheef

Nawas Dawood Sait
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Rasheed Usman Sait
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Adam Ayub Sait
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'Young Memons' formerly known as Memon Youth Forum was formed as a wing of Cutchi Memon Association in 2012 within the age group of 35years. Our first meeting at Hotel Abad, Chullickal on 8th April 2012 had a heartwarming participation of 86 members.
The committee was formed under the leadership of Janaab Imran Asif as the President and Raashid Usman as a Patron along with 6 Committee members

  1. Janaab Mohammed Absar, Secretary
  2. Janaab Jibran Asif
  3. Janaab Azhar Rafiq Sait
  4. Janaab Farhan Adam
  5. Janaab Waajid Aslam
  6. Janaab Talha Afzal.

The vision of Young Memons was to forge a new generation with positive values, great bonding, and high level of moral consciousness. 

It was understood from the very beginning that the mission given to Young Memons can be achieved only by giving a proper orientation for the young members. For these young men, examples were to be shown in front of them, rather than doing mere gatherings and preaching of ideologies. With the intention of showing examples and making the young generation involved in the activities, we conducted many sports meets. 

While a day in the cricket ground did well for the athletic abilities of the youngsters, they also developed a great bonding between themselves. They spent days together, not only on the cricket ground, but outside too, many days before and many days after. What was achieved was the cohesion that can be developed while working together for a common goal. 

On 31st August 2014, three new committee members were included as below to add on the existing committee and bring the final figure of the panel to nine.

  1. Janaab Anwar Abdul Rahiman
  2. Janaab Sajith Sait A.
  3. Janaab Wajid Sait

The Blood donation campaign that was conducted on 27th September 2014 at Salay Mohammed Sait Shadi Mahal, Kappalandimukku from 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM went on successfully with a participation of 42 donors which made our young memon members aware of the importance of blood donation and their responsibility towards the society.

On 13th February 2015, Janaab Wajid Sait was appointed as the Joint Secretary and Janaab Azhar Rafiq Sait was appointed as the Vice President. Janaab Thabseer Azeez was added to the committee member panel.

AHL (Accident Help Line: 1099) campaign was a new initiative of Young Memons. This was the first ever campaign of this kind which gave great awareness to the general public about the Kerala Police's Accident Help Line number. It’s an initiative taken by Kerala State Govt. A great initiative that can save a life with a phone call or SMS. Young Memons proudly launched this campaign which was inaugurated by Janaab Anwar Hashim Sait, President of Cutchi Memon Jamath. Along with him present were Janaab Zackeria Usman Sait, President of Iqbal Library, Mattancherry, Janaab Aslam Sulaiman Sait, Vice President of Cutchi Memon Association, Janaab Rasheed Usman Sait, Manager, Phoolwari School and Cutchi Memon Trust, Janaab Imran Asif, President, Young Memons at Nucleus Mall, Maradu on 08th March 2015. Mrs. Shini Jubin agreed to be our Special guest for the event, had a chance to save two lives being present and witness at an accident in Kochi.

(A paper cut out from the "INDIAN EXPRESS" and the "CITY EXPRESS")

This gave more visibility to Young Memons  and has gone a long way in gaining better acceptance for our association in the society.

"Sky is the limit" a motivational talk by 'Br.Nissar Ahmed Sheriff' (Founder of vLead Academy) was our another activity with the intention of giving a sophisticated edge to the emotional and social skills of the members, while retaining a firm footing in the moral code we believe in. He explained every aspect of it by giving various examples in the form of Hadith.  This event was held at Shadi Mahal on 05th May 2015 by 6.50 PM.

As a part of the initiative to bring in social consciousness among the Young Memons, we have incorporated the motto “Charity begins at Home” by organizing Iftaar at Shadi Mahal, Kappalandimukku on 04th July, Saturday at 5.30 PM. The event was briefed by Janaab Siraaj Sait with a short talk on Cutchi Memons and how to make use of the Charity Box. Janaab Imran Asif, President, Young Memons launched the event by handing over the Money Box to Janaab Nishad Ummar. The event had a participation of 63 members and a total of 60 boxes were distributed to the Young Members.

We intend to continue the work we have been doing and the future activities too will be done with the intention of involving maximum members in a much wider scale. We will also be trying our best to involve and join hands with government / semi government organizations to ensure maximum acceptance and visibility for us in the society.

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